The Food Story Cuisine

Once upon a taste!


Our name tells the story of the place where great tasty food was born. 


From Syria, we bring you our traditional dishes with sensational tastes of the Mediterranean cuisine. 


When we cook our meals, we tell the stories of our ancestors. Food is how we are connected to them and to our homeland. 


It is a pleasure to share the joy of food with others. 


Every dish we make is a celebration of our culture and a triumph for our creativity. We invite you to join us in this celebration of culture.


We share your moments of joy and serve your food with love. 


Our mission is to connect the East and West through taste buds. 


We would Ike you to come with us on a journey to undiscovered dishes and surprising combinations of food. 


Address: 1205 E Hasting 

 Vancouver, BC V6A1S4

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Phone numbers: 

236 330 2980

778 956 7447


Email: thefoodstorycuisine@gmail.com

Facebook: The Food Story Cuisine

Instgram: thefoodstorycuisine